Har du fejjan? Kolla vad du missat under meddelanden!

Imorse fick jag reda på att alla meddelanden från folk utan gemensamma vänner hamnar i en annan inkorg, inte i meddelanen. Denna inkorg hitar du under meddelanden som heter ”övrigt”

De är fanimej de roligaste jag läst på länge! Sjuka jävlar, desperata, helt okända personer som skickat meddelanden som hamat här, om du har fejjan, DO THIS!

Några exempel på roligt innehåll i övrigt korgen: OBS jag har inte svarat någon, men kolla sista killen som skrivit en hel A4, tycker synd om honom hahahahahahaha!


Jorge Azevedo

Romantic dinner?!

How are u making a romantic dinner without me?! grin


Mohamed Abdel Monem

hellohow r u? i hope to become a friend.i’m from egypt,engineering,working in qatar now in an irish company.what about u! waiting ur reply,and i’ll go to canada(qc) soon &joing mcgill unvi making master degree ,hope to become a friend


Bil Comatas




Hamed Tadayon

Jag känner igen dig!?


Nikos C. Sofianos


Hello from Greece! I am a businessman who will visit Stockholm as member of a governmental trade delegation from 20 to 22 May 2008.

I will have some free time too, so i was wondering if you would like to meet… Hot kiss from Greece.


Mena Nashat

hello yasmina


hello yasmina , how are u ? i hope that u’re great smile ,
how is life goin with u ? i hope that every thing is goin fine smile
i was checkin some profiles on facebook and i found yours , u seem like a nice , kind and elegant person smile
i like to travel and meet new friends allover the world , its a nice thing and i learn alot from it smile
maybe i’m not free all the time to do it because of my study ” medicine ” frown , but i do it when ever possible smile ,
i also adore music and dancing smile , so what about u smile ?
i started to use facebook as a way to communicate with people around the world hoping to have new friends smile , but in this case its different smile as i’m going to visit sweden with medical student exchange program this august smile ,
so i’d like to have friends there who i can chat with them , ask them some questions about the country , meet with them if they got the time or even go for parties with them smile , and for sure they will choose the place wink
i’m really excited to visit sweden as i heared alot about the country smile , plus i got swedish friends who i’ll be very happy to meet with them again smile
also if u visit egypt someday u ’ll have an egyptian friend who will show u around smile , and help u in what ever u need smile , and for sure try some parties wink , there is alot to be done here smile
it would be great if we could meet on msn or yahoo so as to chat alittle smile , i’ll be very thankful if u answered some of my questions about sweden smile , exchange cultural infos wink
so here is my msn address : amplfire2003@hotmail.com
hope to hear from u , yours from egypt ,


Kul va 🙂

Vad hittar du under övrigt?






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